How our system works?

Step 1: Registration

Buyers and Suppliers

Sign Up. Complete and submit the signup form. We will send you a welcome email and you will receive an approval in less than 24 hours after our staff reviews your information. NO CREDIT CARD needed for registration!

Step 2: Creating a RFQ


After getting your approval from our staff, you will be ready to start requesting your quotes (RFQ). Just fill-out a detailed form asking the following: part number, description, quantity, condition, etc. Once you submit your quote an email will be sent to all suppliers in our system, also they will receive a notification to their QuoteNet account and mobile app.

Step 3: Checking RFQs


The suppliers will be analyzing all RFQs received. Once the supplier checks their inventory they will choose to quote or not quote based on their stock.

Step 4: Replying to a RFQ (Quoting)


This is an easy and friendly way that allows suppliers to quote part numbers with a minimum effort replying RFQs with: price, quantity, TAG, lead time, warranty, etc. Once the supplier submits their response the buyer will receive the quote via email, system notification and mobile app.

Step 5: Accepting a Quote


The buyers will have a list of their created RFQs and quotes received. In this list buyers can select the quote that better works for them. After choosing your quote you have two options:

1. Click the handshake icon under the “DEAL” column. Two emails will be sent: One, notifying the suppliers of the approved quote and two, a confirmation email to the buyer. (Recommended)

2. Contact the supplier directly using the information showed in the quote list.